Brazilian Portuguese Lessons

Sao Paulo Skyline, Brazil

Brazil is a vast country located in South America, and, unlike what most people think, it is not Spanish speaking. Brazil is the only Portuguese-speaking country on the South American continent, and it makes this exquisite country even more special than it already is.

Brazil has a wide range of places to visit: breath-taking beaches and paradisiacal islands; the Rain Forest and the mighty Amazon River; Salvador's "baianas" and their mysterious dances; Minas Gerais' historical sites; São Paulo's business districts and exciting nightlife; the European-style landscape and architecture of our Southern cities and towns. And then, of course, there's our rich and tasty cuisine! Wherever you go, there's always something wonderful to see and something delicious to taste.

Brazil is a melting pot, so our tapestry is dyed in many vibrant colours! Descending from European, Asian, African and Native people, we are very talkative and open. We enjoy telling you about our blessed land and getting to know more about your own place of origin. Since Brazil is my native country, I may be a little biased, but I honestly believe its people are among the nicest and most welcoming in the world. We do everything we can in order to make visitors feel at home and at ease.

Business opportunities are always booming in this developing country, for cutting edge knowledge is prevalent in every industry. This makes Brazilian universities desirable learning places for international students. The mission field is also ripe in Brazil, for those of you who have a calling.

Portuguese Language Museum, São Paulo, Brazil
Portuguese Language Museum, São Paulo

But, in order to enjoy every single bit Brazil and Brazilians have to offer you, you need to be able to communicate with the people. Only a few people in Brazil speak a second language, either English or Spanish; the majority speaks only Portuguese.

I have been offering high quality translation, proofreading and interpreting services for over ten years, but there is still one communication gap I want to bridge. I would like to lead you through learning Portuguese as a second language. I am here to help you bridge your communication gap, whatever your needs may be, whether it's to conduct business in Brazil, to better communicate with family or friends, to travel with ease and discover Brazil's hidden treasures, to study at a Brazilian University or go on Interchanges, or to go on missions and evangelise its people.

I come to you with five years experience teaching Portuguese as a Second Language and English as a Second Language, as well as ten years experience in translation and interpreting. I am well versed in one-on-one adult learning and offer customized programs, flexible schedules and competitive rates. I also understand that culture is fundamental for learning a second language, so, being a native speaker with a BA in English and Portuguese, I am more than equipped to prepare you for your new endeavour.

I offer proficiency levels ranging from Absolute Beginner to Professional. Lessons target speaking, listening, grammar, reading and writing skills, with exposure to spoken Portuguese from the very first lesson. I provide my students with multi-media learning material, which introduces them to the different regional accents, making your Portuguese learning localized and tailor-made for your needs!

Lessons can be held either in your home or office, or in my home office. They can be one-on-one lessons or various sizes groups. I also do on-line tutoring.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me for a placement test and an introductory appointment.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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