"TBR provides an excellent service for companies and individuals looking to improve their business language capabilities in order to do business in Brazil.

Several of Weatherhaven’s executives received tailored one-on-one Brazilian language training on-site and at times convenient to their schedules. The service included preparation for business trips, as well as real-time Skype follow-up during the trip to help address and correct any issues. The program was also uniquely tailored to Weatherhaven’s business and industry vernacular to make it as useful and relevant as possible for our business.

One of those executives has progressed, within 12 months, from a basic understanding of a few words to being able to conduct business meetings and presentations in Portuguese with customers in Brazil.

Weatherhaven has been so impressed with TBR’s attention to detail, and growing knowledge of our business, that we also contracted them to help develop and translate a Brazilian language website to be launched later this year.

We would recommend TBR to any business that does business in Brazil and would like to improve its language proficiency." ~ Ray Castelli, CEO, Weatherhaven

"Tatiana has provided a number of translations for Weatherhaven Canada Resources Limited for the Brazilian Navy as an end user. These translations have involved complex technical documentation for the operation and maintenance of specialized equipment. Tatiana has delivered a consistently high quality product that has received compliments from Weatherhaven’s customer. Moreover, Tatiana’s translations have been delivered respecting our requested schedules, and properly formatted so that they are suitable for delivery to the customer with little to no additional work on our part. We are very pleased to recommend Tatiana to other prospective clients on the basis of her fine work." ~ Konrad Mech, Latin American Military Sales Director, Weatherhaven


"As one of CanTalk's freelance interpreters/translators, Tatiana has proven herself to be extremely reliable. Tatiana's interpretations are conducted in a highly professional manner and her enthusiasm for this job is shown by her outstanding performance.

In my position as a Recruiting Manager, it is very important that I find individuals who are both experienced and qualified in the language profession. Tatiana has faithfully followed all interpreter/translator guidelines and ethics provided by CanTalk. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others as a professional." ~ Erin Gilbert, Recruitment Manager, CanTalk Canada Inc.

"Throughout my Education Doctorate Course (UNESP*/Brazil), I have had many translations and reviewing projects done by Tatiana. Even though I am in Brazil and she in Canada, a distance virtually nonexistent thanks to technology and Tatiana's efficiency, I have preferred her services since she has always proven to be competent, serious and punctual. Other outstanding qualities of Tatiana's are: willingness and a pleasant disposition. I am glad I can count on her professional services and I do not hesitate to recommend them to whoever needs them." ~ Alessandra de Morais Shimizu, Psychologist, Marília/SP - Brazil.*UNESP - Universidade Estadual Paulista (University of São Paulo State)

"As manager of Technical Publications, I have had the pleasure of working with Tatiana over an extended period of time on several large and small proofreading projects related to our software manuals and associated publications. Her work has been thorough, of the highest quality and always on time. She is easy to work with and requires a minimum of instruction. She has been a pleasure to work with and will continue to be called on as requirements demand." ~ John C. Wilson - Manager, Technical Publications, ACL Software

"Tatiana is really committed to providing excellent quality work and always meets our deadlines. Through her services we were able to make first contact with potential clients, establish our business line with them and maintain a good business relationship with them.

She is a valuable asset and I surely recommend her services to any company or translations/interpreting agency." ~ Edgard Rodrigues Bello - Executive Director, Zenith Quality Solutions e Comércio Ltda.

"English, French, Chinese and Portuguese are official languages in 130 countries. TBR Translations Brazil professionally translates our Portuguese globalization." ~ Andre Brisson, CEO/President, Whitenoise Laboratories Inc.

"Hi, Tatiana, I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your excellent translations of my letters to Pauliana [sponsored child] and her replies to me. I know that you keep the tone and feeling of my words, and her words, in the translations and I am so grateful for that. Remember when you read Antonio's letter [sponsored child] and noticed that his nickname had not been translated? To find out that his family calls him 'Warrior' was wonderful and helped me to know him that much better. You are so quick and thorough. I can't say enough about how happy I am to have your help with this. And as a volunteer, too! I would recommend your services to anyone." ~ Andrea Wilson, Richmond, BC